Easy fast charging for electric vans and lorries

Easily accessible

Multiple ultra fast chargers

Spacious parking spaces

How does it work?

Done in 5 easy steps

Ruim parkeervak

Park in the spacious parking spot

Stekker in voertuig

Insert the plug into your vehicle

Laden met laadpas

Start charging with your charging card

Leg kabel terug

Finish charging
and put the cable back in place

Weer op pad

Hit the road again!

Our price

£ 0

per KW/h including VAT*

For whom?

Suitable for vans of any any size as well as for lorries at specific locations

Our fast charging stations are easily accessible and available for all vans and trucks. Our fast charging stations are easily accessible and available for all vans and suitable for lorries at specific locations. Due to the spacious layout of our parking spaces, any driver can fast charge comfortably at a Leap24 station.

Leap24 fast charging stations are suitable for:

  • • Taxi and passenger transport
  • • Vans
  • • Lorries
  • • Mobile machinery
  • • EV passenger cars

Leap24 makes fast charging easy

  • • Our locations are easily accessible
  • • We offer multiple fast chargers everywhere
  • • We offer spacious parking spots
  • • We are available 24/7

Safety, tranquility and comfort

We do everything we can to make your stay at our fast charging stations as pleasant as possible. . Our stations offer you a safe, quiet and green environment for fast charging. There is always something to eat and drink nearby. We’re always working on improving our services to better meet the needs of our customers.


Our long term ambition is to provide a basic network of fast charging stations for vans and lorries in the whole of North-Western Europe. We’re working hard every day to achieve this and our network is growing rapidly.

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