LEAP24 Announces Major Milestone in Dunkirk Lane Fast Charging Station Project

LEAP24, a leading provider of sustainable ultra rapid charging for city logistics, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the development of its Dunkirk Lane Fast Charging Station project. The company has secured ownership of the site and will commence construction, marking a pivotal step forward in advancing sustainable logistics in the region.

Located at Dunkirk Lane, the site, formerly a DVSA enforcement location, will house the largest fast charging station in Great Britain, catering to HGV (trucks) as well. With space for 14 x 7 meter LEAP24 bays and 2 x bays specifically designated for HGV trucks, this facility promises to revolutionize the landscape of sustainable transportation infrastructure.

The strategic positioning of the Dunkirk Lane Fast Charging Station at the intersection of the busy A5117, where the M56 meets the A494 southwest of Dunkirk Lane, underscores its importance in facilitating efficient and eco-friendly transport solutions. With Chester just 5.5 miles to the south and Ellesmere Port 3.5 miles to the north, the station offers unparalleled accessibility to key transportation hubs.

“This milestone represents a significant leap forward in our mission to drive sustainable logistics and reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector,” said Pelle Schlichting, Founder and ┬áCEO of LEAP24. “We are excited to bring this state-of-the-art fast charging station to Dunkirk Lane and contribute to the development of a greener, more sustainable future.”

In addition to its strategic location, the Dunkirk Lane Fast Charging Station will benefit from its adjacency to Dunkirk Trading Estate, home to renowned national tenants such as Bookers, Costco, and DHL. The synergies created by this proximity will further enhance the station’s operational efficiency and accessibility.

Construction is set to begin immediately, with LEAP24 aiming for the station to be operational by the end of 2024. The company will provide regular updates on the progress of the project, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and accountability in the implementation of sustainable infrastructure initiatives.

About LEAP24

Leap24 is building a network of ultra-fast charging stations in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. These locations are designed to help businesses conduct their transportation and logistics with electric vehicles. Leap24 was founded in 2021 and is currently in the process of implementing new ultra-fast charging stations at more than 50 locations, with 22 stations already open and operational.