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Frequently asked questions at LEAP24

Starting the loading session

How do you start a session?
Step 1: Connect the cable between the car and the charging station

Step 2: Hold the charge card/tag in front of the reader. Wait for the charger to beep, then you can remove the pass/tag again. This may take a while, as passes must be registered by the charging kiosk the first time. The charging session will now start and the LED light will be blue. Charging stations with a screen display in text that the charging session has started.

Stop the charging session

Hold charge card/tag in front of the reader and wait for the beep signal. Once the cable is released you can remove it from the charging station. This can sometimes take 1 to 2 minutes, especially at some older charging stations.

Problems at a Leap24 charging station? Contact us directly +31 (0)85 067 0005

Our chargers are suitable for all electric vehicles with CCS connection. Depending on the vehicle, and settings, charging can be fast. For example, some vehicles (such as the ID Buzz) have a fast-charge limiter in the vehicle.

Annoying! There are a number of options you can try.

1: Try to unlock your vehicle. Sometimes the vehicle locks the cable so it can't just be stolen.

2: Stop the session. Or restart the session and stop it again after a minute. The pass may have started a duplicate session at the conclusion of your first session.

3: Call our help desk and quote the ID number of the charging station. They can reset remotely. Should this fail, they may advise pressing the emergency button. However, do not just press the emergency button, since that can also emit a malfunction!

There are many possibilities why loading does not work. Initially, try restarting the loading session by the following actions:
- Unplug your vehicle and then put it back in your vehicle.
- Press the plug firmly into the connector of your vehicle
- Offer your charging card/charging drop to the RFID card reader of the charging station for up to 2 seconds

In addition, your vehicle may not be up to date. Make sure you have the right software on board.

If you can't figure it out, call our help desk.

You can pay at our charging stations using your own charging card. Through E-Flux, you are guaranteed the most favorable price. We do not issue charge cards ourselves, but we are open to all other charge cards and tags!

No charging card yet?
can find a suitable charge card provider at laadpastop10.nl

Good to know:

  • New charge cards must first be activated. Contact your charge card provider if you have problems with this.
  • Your charge card provider may charge a custom price or service fee. Check the charge card provider's website for info on prices and terms.
  • When you start your session with your charge card, you will be billed through your charge card provider.
  • If you don't have a pass, you can pay digitally at E-Flux: https://dashboard.e-flux.nl/direct-payment/signup.

    To do this, create an account and then enter the EVSE number of the charging station to pay directly

Fast charging with us is £0.69 per kWh including VAT. You pay this price with a charge card from

We do not have a LEAP24 app. We chose simplicity and are happy to share our locations with the most widely used charging apps. Is there a missing connection to your used charging app? If so, please be sure to let us know and we will make sure our stations are also findable in your favorite app.

LEAP24 chooses not to issue a charging pass. We are happy to work with your preferred charging card. We prefer to keep everything as easy as possible.

Service providers affiliated with LEAP24 are: Allego - Bluecorner - Charge IT - Digital Charging Solutions - E-Flux - EnBW - Ecotap - Eneco - EVBOX - Fastned - Flow Charging - Greenflux/Joulz - Ionity - Justplugin - Ladenetz - Last mile solutions - SME fuel - Mobility+ - Moobi - MultiTankcard - Newmotion - Porsche - Q8 - Service House - Trafineo - Travelcard - Vandebron - Vattenfall - XXIMO

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