We are making the leap to clean mobility as easy as possible for entrepreneurs

About us

At Leap24, we believe that clean mobility should be available to everyone.
We believe that entrepreneurs can make the transition to electric driving successfully only if the continuity of their business is guaranteed.

Since the start of Leap24 in 2021, founders Pelle Schlichting and Ferry Bosgra have had only one goal in mind: to make the transition to clean mobility as easy as possible. Our ambition is for Leap24 to provide the basic network for this in the future throughout North-West Europe, with easily accessible and spacious charging stations at business parks and other locations.

Every day we work to achieve our ambition. Not with small steps, but with daily leaps towards a better world. To ensure a successful and sustainable future for every entrepreneur in the Netherlands and beyond.

Pelle Schlichting and Ferry Bosgra are the driving forces behind Leap24. As co-founder of scale-up OrangeGas, Pelle Schlichting has gained a lot of experience in the world of sustainable mobility and can safely be called an expert in this area. . In addition, he has a long track record in the financial world.

Ferry Bosgra has many years of experience in the passenger transport industry and knows the market well. He has gained a lot of experience in the automotive and logistics sector.

Our core values


The switch to electric driving should not be a barrier for entrepreneurs to grow and continue to be successful in their businesses. That is why we make this transition as easy as possible with accessible and spacious fast charging stations that are easy to use.


We know the entrepreneurs who use our ultra rapid charging stations like no other. We understand their specific industry and target their mobility needs. 90% of our fast charging stations are located in business parks, and 10% in strategic city locations. They’re always nearby.


We guarantee the continuity of your business when switching to electric driving. Our safe and clean charging stations, the supplied energy, and services meet the highest quality standards.


We are ambitious, future oriented and always on the move. With our growing network of easily accessible and available fast charging stations, we ensure that you as an entrepreneur are never standing still and always moving forward.



Our charging stations have been developed and designed with love. We offer you a comfortable spot during fast charging in a sustainable and green environment. That’s why we have deliberately designed our charging stations in the shape of a tree. It represents our ambition to make the world that much more sustainable.

We purchase green energy from Dutch wind and solar projects. In addition, we strive for sustainable energy storage options that contribute to a stable energy network.

Our charging stations are built with a modular approach to help make easy sustainable adjustments without waste. We strive to make the construction of our charging stations fully circular where possible.


Pelle Schlichting - CEO

Pelle Schlichting


Ferry Bosgra

Co-founder & COO

Pieter Zwinkels


Frank Siemerink

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mariska Oskam

Mariska Oskam

Finance Manager

Dirk Vaneker

Dirk Vaneker

Head of Site Acquisitions NL

John Leddin

John Leddin

Head of Site Acquisitions UK

Jeroen Mannaerts

Head of Operations NL

Kayan Lam

Coordinator Support and Service


Marinunzia Itta

Financial Accountant
picture migdad

Migdad Edres

Site Acquisitions Manager UK

Sanne Nijboer

Sanne Nijboer

Coordinator Marketing
Jake Jones - Head of Operations UK LEAP24

Jake Jones

Head of Operations UK


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